Cofounder & CEO

Founded and exited an e-democracy startup, ParTecs. Created the Trustless Computing Association, with world-class partners and advisors. Launched a leading-edge global event series, Free and Safe in Cyberspace. Brought the valuation of a planned EU’s 2nd largest tech/IT park from €3M to €21M. Sold a +$10M java mobile app store system to Telefonica(LinkedIn)


Roberto Gallo

Cofounder & Security Architect Lead

He designed: (a) the world's 1st secure CPU inspectable in HW & SW designs, deployed since 2014; (b) the security architecture of 400,000 Brazilian voting machines (c) the ASI-HSM of the Brazilian PKI-root CA. He built Kryptus into a 50-strong leader of HW security in LatAm. (LinkedIn)


Joonyoung Park

Cofounder & Director of Engineering

Led 30-staff team in Palo Alto at Kudelski, a global leader in IPTV and cybersecurity, for the design of new devices concept-to-manufacturing. Co-managed and exited in 2018 JRC, a family-owned 200M$/yr 7-sigma electronics manufacturing plant (EMS) in South Korea. Was Chief of Engineering Staff for B2B Solution Development at LG Solutions. Was Principal Staff System Engineer at Motorola. (Linkedin)

Udit Dhawan

Cofounder & Endpoint Security Lead

Previously Technical Lead at Samsung Research & Development Institute, Senior Scientist at Intel Labs, Lead Student Architect on the US DARPA CRASH/SAFE project at University of Pennsylvania aimed at a clean-slate co-design of the entire computing stack for secure computation (now being commercialized). (LinkedIn)



Cofounder & Marketing Director

Young Entrepreneur, digital marketer, and Independent researcher in security of cryptocurrencies and privacy. Founder of, leading Italian portal about cryptocurrency security.  Since the age of 13, ethical hacker and privacy activist. At 14 he developed a search engine entirely for vulnerabilities in public systems indexed by Google (via dorks) and started Bitcoin mining. (LinkedIn)



Cofounder & Head of Business Develoment.

Previously, M&A and startup in Berlin investment analyst at Capital Advisors Europe, IEG investment Banking Group, BNP Paribas Corporate. 2016 Master Graduate at Leipzig HHL Graduate School of Management. Independent crypto/blockchain analyst and investor since 2014.