Pitch and exhibit in Cannes and Berlin. New advisors and investor traction.

Some updates for the last month and next:

  • On Nov 28-30th, we'll be in Cannes at the TRUSTECH conference attended last year by 13,000 people. We were chosen as 1 of only 4 startups (out of the 44 participating and pitching) for a free-of-charge package including a full stand, a 7 minutes pitch to 200 people, and participation to a closed workshop with VCs and corporate VCs, including Astorya.vc, Axa Strategic Venture, P101 Ventures, dPixel, TIM #WCAP Milano, Digital Magics, ICCREA Banca, Innogest, Berlin Innovation Venture.
  • On Dec 7th, we'll be in Berlin hosted as "alumni startup" to BetaPitch INvestor Day, hosted by the Hardware.co Pre-acceleration Program from which we graduated in July 2016.
  • We have great new advisors joining the team - Fabrice Croiseaux and David Drake, and a new cofounder, Ryan Molecke, with great core blockchain expertise.
  • We are making advances in the prototyping, architecture and business modeling of the project, and fundraising strategy: see Overview.
  • We were sought and invited to apply by the MDs of 4 of World's most prestigious acceleration programs. We passed the 1st phase of 3 of them including a call with the team and their MDs:
  • Over the last 6 months, 4-5 leading equity VC investors in the blockchain/crypto domain have been actively interested in investing. We are actively engaged in detail discussions with 3 small pre-seed venture funds.
  • We have been holding off until the closing of the round before pursuing a formalization in Pilot Partner MoUs with 3-4 of the many prospective end-users which had engaged with since us last spring.