Consortium submits 4M€ R&D proposal EU H2020 FET-Open RIA

On March 31st, we have achieved the most important milestone for the UVST project, since its inception. We submitted a 4M€ proposal to H2020 FET-Open RIA Call with a sub-set of our current partners, and a key operational role of our new technical and scientific boards members. We are truly honoured by the participation to our project of entities and experts with such globally-unique expertises.

Given the foundational nature of the UVST project, we are now actively preparing new UVST-based R&D proposals for various H2020 calls over the next 6 months, and other relevant activities, as per our roadmap.

A set of Preliminary UVST Socio-technical Paradigms have been widely co-edited and approved by all FET-open participants as binding during and after the project, except by Lfoundry. Therefore – to the extent it is compatible each H2020 Call requirement – we’ll give priority to Core Partners (FET-Open participants), than to our Other Partners, and than to additional prospects.

In reference to our roadmap, we are actively seeking additional and suitable partners interest in:

  • Participating to our upcoming proposals, especially ESCEL (1-2 suitable additional large micro-electronics) and Trust eServices (1-2 large eID/smart-card players, etc).

  • Participate to our upcoming June 2015 event in Brussels with EIT ICT Labs, which has a strong focus on the prospect of UVST Paradigms to inspire new ICT security standards.