Consortium Submits 4M€ R&D proposal to EU R&D DS-01 RIA

On April 12th 2016 – together with amazing participants and advisors, with rare or unique high assurance IT expertises we submitted two groundbreaking R&D proposals, based on our Trustless Computing Initiative, to European R&D funding programs:

A 4.8M€ TRUSTLESS proposal to H2020 DS-01 RIA:

  • Title: Trustless socio-technical systems for ultra-high assurance ICT certifications, and a compliant open target architecture, life-cycle and ecosystem, for critical societal use cases and consumer adoption.
  • Docs: Full PDF of 109 pages.(Summary, excellence, business plan, societal impact, tech description, work plan, partners, steering boards and the ethics and security assessment).

Among the participants:

  • Kryptus, the only maker of  CPU for general-purpose computing that is publicly-verifiable in HW and SW;
  • DFKI, the largest AI R&D center in the World by number of employees and amount of external funds;
  • Genode Labs, the makers of the leading FLOSS micro-kernel framework, compatible with Sel4;
  • EOS, the largest IT security industry association of Europe;
  • Two members of SO-GIS, the Austrian A-SIT and the Italian OCSI, national public authorities that certify for all IT systems authorized to deal with state secret.

A 1M€ TRUSTLESS proposal to H2020 DS-01 CSA:

  • Title: Facilitating the evolution to uniquely comprehensive and comparable assurance certification of ICT services and lifecycles. 

NEXT STEPS: Over the next months – together with key technical participants and partners – we’ll be mostly:

  • (A) seeking other public funding opportunities;
  • (B) adapting the already extensive description and business planning for possible equity funding, including seed/angel;
  • (C) extending our next editions of the Free and Safe in Cyberspace, in New York (July 21st) and Brussels (Sept 22-23rd), which pursue exactly the ultra-high assurance certification which was the goal of our CSA proposal, and half of the goals of the RIA proposal above.