Opening our $500k private equity and token sale

Over the last 8 weeks, we worked tirelessly with an enlarged team to advance our offering, revise website and video, perfect the tokenization of our business model.

We’ve also clearly laid out our fundraising and legal strategy, built additional traction with additional ICO platforms, top ICO legal counsels and prospective pilot clients and resellers.

As of next week, we are ready to engage for a $500k private equity and token sale round, which is a bridge for a $6-25M+ public token (and private equity) sale in early Q2 2018.

We are going to reach out to several high-profile angels, friends, VCs, token investors, ICO partners and pilot clients that have recently shown interest in our equity, tokens or product.

Check out our brand new website, with new docs and video!


Rufo, Roberto and Udit