Moving to Geneva

Four weeks after getting accepted in the prestigious Fintech Fusion acceleration in Geneva, we decided to move our main operations office in this beautiful Swiss city and private banking capital of the World.

Geneva will be our main operational and sales office indefinitely. We’ll retain our incorporation in Luxembourg, while we’ll likely move our development office to Berlin after closing of our 2nd fundraising event in Q2-Q3 2018.

In fact, in addition to providing experienced mentoring, highly-fitting industry networking opportunities, Fintech Fusion provides a unique opportunity to engage its funding partners from the banking sector, which include some of World largest banks, private banks and banking technology providers, including some of the partners include BNP Paribas, SwissRe (Credit Suisse, AMEX), Temenos, Saxo Bank, Notz Stucki, and more.

Such partners, and Switzerland role as “banking capital of the World”, perfectly align with the recent refocusing of our B2B2B and B2B2C business model that moves away from generalistic banks to private banks as our main customers; while our end-users remain ultra-high net-worth individuals and large global corporates.

Furthermore, pitch events towards local angels and VCs will take place late next month, November 2018, and then in late Q1 2019.