Vicente Villaneuva joins as Head of Engineering cofounder

After a long selection process, today, Vicente Villanueva joins TRUSTLESS.AI as Head of Engineering cofounder.

Hardware architect with 15 years of experience in robotics, automotive and medical embedded systems, covering entire life-cycle from concept through production.

He worked at leading company in the space including at Dyson, Reach Robotics, STG Aerospace, SEAT, Lear Corporation.

He has a Master from ETH Zurich and completed graduate studie on the Internet-of-Thing at Stanford University.

He has expertise in FPGA, ARM, x86, capacitive touch, power, memory, ECG, EEG, MRI, RF antenna design, ESD, EMC certification.

Vicente will lead our next phase of product development, as we port our supply chain architecture and consortium around RISC-V open platform, and concurrently we engage our financial sectors proof-of-concept partners in evolving our concept and functional hardware and software demos into production-ready engineeringprototypes.