exceptional cybersecurity in the palm of your hand

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We are building the CivicPod,
a 2mm-thin touch-screen Wifi-enabled handheld device. 

By merging uncompromising endpoint security down to CPU, fabrication oversight and certification governance, together with time-proven blockchain systems - the CivicPod seamlessly delivers radically-unprecedented levels of confidentiality and integrity to the most sensitive lawful communications, negotiations, e-banking and cryptocurrency transactions, while solidly enabling legitimate lawful access.

Initially reserved to high-profile enterprises and persons, it will become the ultra-secure smart back screen of tens of millions of Android-based smartphones, and then the root-of-trust of critical AI systems.



The richest 200.000 persons make up more $27 trillions in wealth, yet they can't buy any device that is less insecure than an iPhone, regularly hacked even by simple researchers.

Cybersecurity is a problem for all, but a crucial one for hundreds of thousands of top executives, high net-worth individuals, civil rights activists, and even presidential candidates.

Whatever price they are willing to pay, there is no device available today that provides meaningful protection  against even mid-level criminals. Nothing less insecure than an iPhone, regularly hacked even by simple researchers.


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The World is turning in a Hacker Republic!. While cybersecurity market grew 30 times in 10 years to $260bn in 2022, the cost of cybercrime will hit $6 trillion the same year. 

80% of such cost is due to endpoint security, according to Ponemon. An average of $17 million per year for a sizeable enterprise. 

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We re-conceptualize IT security as the byproduct of the governance of all human processes that are critically-involved in its entire lifecycle and supply chain.

We merge uniquely uncompromising security-by-design endpoint paradigms together with the best time-proven and industry-backed open-source blockchain technologies.

Our "trustless" approach extends all the way down to transparent and extremely-inspected CPU source designs, fabrication oversight and even certification processes.

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We widely apply citizen-witness and citizen-jury processes to the entire lifecycle, adapted from nuclear safety and electoral systems, to protect against  insider threats and abuse of legitimate lawful access.

A unique form factor and minimal features enable a seamless user experience that is 2-3 times faster than smartphones.


Unimagined levels of security will be the result of the unique economics and governance of an entire ecosystem.


CivicNet members consume cybersecurity by using CivicPods, an independent 2mm-thin touch-screen WiFi computing devices that are attached to the back of any smartphone via a case, or inserted into a dedicated leather wallet.


CivicNet members produce cybersecurity by running ultra-secure blockchain and anonymization nodes on their CivicDocks docking stations, or by submitting technical or organizational security improvements, core software upgrades, apps and dApps.

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Our technological stack benefits from a 3-year old solid relationship with rare or unique technical and research partners.


CivicPod & CivicCase

  • Chip is based on the Spectre-proof Kryptus SCuP, the 1st secure CPU publicly inspectable in HW and SW designs, running the L4Re FLOSS microkernel/OS.
  • 600x800 e-Ink touchscreen display.
  • Wireless Ports: WiFi, Bluetooth.
  • Physical Ports: micro-HDMI and power-only micro-USB.
  • Basic Enterprise Device Management and multiple Personas
  • ADDONS: CivicWallet leather wallet, CivicCase and foldable keyboard.

CivicDock & CivicCase

  • Some chipset and OS as CivicPod
  • Runs a CivicNode, made of: 
    • (a) an hardened TBD time-proven and/or industry-standard blockchain.
    • (b) an anonymization node based on Tor Project or Gnu Net for metadata confidentiality
  • Embeds micro-HDMI switch to connect CivicPod to user desktop screen for long-form text editing.
  • Micro USB out to charge CivicPod and user's phone.


Basic features will ensure extreme security auditing and a super fast user experience.  


1. Messaging and Text Editing

Ultra-secure synchronous and asynchronous rich-text messaging and editing among CivicPods. Embeds features of Notes, Journal, Password Manager, One-Time Password Generator, Discussion Group and Blog.


2. E-banking, Crypto and Blockchain Transactions

Ultra-secure e-banking transactionsthrough partnering banks hosting an external CivicVPN box. Ultra-secure hardware wallet and client for bitcoin, ether, ERC20 tokens and own SAGO Coins. Ultra-secure client to CivicChain and blockchains.


3. Collaborative Text Editing

Ultra-secure seamless text co-editing to negotiate highly sensitive agreements, contracts, deliberations, deals, mergers, acquisitions. Accessible on the move, or at your desktop through the the CivicDock and foldable keyboard.

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A consolidated group of World-leaders in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity and hardware manufacturing. Supported by solid supply chain partnerships.



Our advisors bring decades of World-class experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, startup strategy. 



1-minute Team Video (Rufo, Roberto and Riccardo)

10-minute Pitch Video (5/2018)

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Join TRUSTLESS.AI, our Trustless Computing Association, and our roster of  current partners, as additional pilot, strategic, channel or investor partner  to build CivicNet: the 1st compliant  commercial IT service compliant to the emerging Trustless Computing Certification Body.


Founding Innovation Partner


  • €20,000 signup, plus €3,000 annually
  • Contribute 8 hours/month for the next 18 months.


  • 20 CivicPods and CivicDocks, with 3 years of full service. Plus a 60% discount for 50 more.
  • Be listed as a Gold Sponsor in all events, including Free and Safe in Cyberspace.
  • Be prominently mentioned as TCA Founding Partner in main communications, co-leading cybersecurity with other world-leading entities.
  • Participate in the iterations of the CivicPod and CivicDock to ensure it best fits your needs and constraints.

Associate Innovation Partner


  • Free of charge
  • Contribute 8 hours/month for the next 18 months.


  • 5 CivicPod and CivicDock, with 3 years offull service. Plus a 40% discount for up 10 more.
  • Be listed as Bronze Sponsor in events, including Free and Safe in Cyberspace.
  • Be mentioned as TCA Associate Partner in main communications, co-leading cybersecurity with other world-leading entities.
  • Participate in the iterations of the CivicPod and CivicDock, to ensure it best fits your needs and constraints.



TRUSTLESS.AI is just the tip of an iceberg, of an expanding community, of a movement, that we have been creating with the Trustless Computing Association (TCA).

Over the last 4 years, the Trustless Computing Associations has been promoting new standards and open technologies with levels of trustworthiness that are radically beyond state of the art. It has grown through unique  partners and advisors into an active community of world leading experts, consultancies, the largest cyber industry associations, high-assurance open IT leaders, national state security and privacy agencies, and enterprises, around foundational R&D initiatives, a global Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series, publications and plans for public-private local ecosystems in Rome or Berlin.

Trustless Computing is the long-awaited paradigm shift. The key principle in the Trustless Computing Paradigms is to compute without the need or assumption of unverified trust in anything or anyone, except in the user-assessable technical proficiency, ethical stance and accountability of the organizational processes critically involved in the entire lifecycle of a product or a service.

Trustless Computing requires that all and every software, hardware and processes that are critically involved in the provisioning or lifecycle of a computing service – from high-level software-stack to CPU design to fabrication, to hosting room access – be subject to extreme verification relative to complexity, or to extremely resilient socio-technical oversight.

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