Chief Executive Officer

  • Founder of Trustless Computing Association. Launched Free and Safe in Cyberspace, a top cybersecurity event series.

  • Founded and exited Participatory Technologies. As Head of EMEA BizDev at 4thpass, acquired by Motorola, he sold +$10M Java mobile app store systems, including to Telefonica.

  • As CEO at Open Media Park, Brought the valuation of a planned EU’s 2nd largest IT/media park from €3m to€21m.




Security Architect Lead

  • As Founder and CEO of the Brazilian Kryptus, he lead up to 50 employees as the leading South American cutting-edge hardware cybersecurity provider.

  • Lead Scientist at Trustless Computing Association.

  • Designed the World's 1st secure CPU inspectable in HW/SW source designs, SCuP. Designed security architecture of the 400,000Brazilian voting machines & the ASI-HSM of the Brazilian PKI-root CA.



EVP of Engineering

  • At Kudelski - a globalleader in IPTV, and cybersecurity - he led 30-staff team in Palo Alto managing new products concept-to-manufacturing.

  • Was co-managing director JRC, a family-owned $200M/yr 6-sigma electronics manufacturing plant (EMS) in South Korea. Exited in spring 2018.

  • At LG Solutions, he was Chief of Engineering Staff for B2B Solution Development. At Motorola, he Principal Staff System Engineer.




Lead Graphics Designer

  • VFX Supervisor / Consultant, 3D Artist and Visual Designer.

  • CGI Artist background with vfx, web, game, VR, 3D.

  • Highly talented, passionate, young and video creative, deeply dedicated to our mission.


david headshot.png


Director of Business Development

  • Geneva based consultant for international NGOs, foundations and start-ups, advising on their fundraising plan and development strategy.

  • Previously worked for the WHO,  building sensitive information sharing solutions for the coordination of international response to major public health incident, including Ebola outbreaks.

  • Created partnerships with high-level experts to encourage leading public health institutions worldwide to adopt the SoPs of WHO’s Emergency Operations Center.




Project Manager & UX/UI Designer

  • Previously the UX/UI design intern for INNOVA Swiss Proptech, the first Swiss real estate tech startup, based in Geneva.

  • Obtained a BINDD (Bachelor’s of Industrial Design) and a minor in Asian Studies from Auburn University, and a UX/UI design technical certificate from Ironhack school at the Barcelona campus.

  • Kick-started the first ever school-wide annual hovercraft challenge in high school.

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Endpoint Security Lead

  • Previously a Senior researcher at Intel Labs and Samsung R&D.

  • Lead student architect on the US DARPA CRASH/SAFE project at, aimed at a new clean-slate co-design of an entire computing stack for secure computation.

  • Co-lead Scientist of the Trustless Computing Association since 2017.



Gerhard Knecht

  • CISO of the Global Unisys vertical business unit for Security Services

  • Invented and implemented the Unisys Security Implementation Methodology (UniSIM)

  • Designed and developed the National Information Security Framework of Portugal.

  • PhD in computer science from Innsbruck University, Austria, as well as sever other certifications and diplomas from various institutions.


jean-jacques suter.png


  • Geneva-based advisor.

  • He has led many technology companies in Switzerland, which have influenced the digitization of society, such as Logitech, Compaq, HP, Dell and Sage.

  • 20+ years experience in senior management position of these companies, focusing on digital transformation, the development of channel partners, business optimization and turnarounds.


ivan schouker.png


  • Geneva-based advisor who partners with investors, boards and executive teams on harnessing business transformation.

  • Helped cultivate many areas of industry: He was a part of Paribas' team that built private & investment banking in Taiwan's liberalized markets.

  • founding member of Booz Allen & Hamilton's Hong Kong office, co-lead of Booz Allen's own global firm transformation initiative, and founder of American Express' international corporate development & strategy unit.




  • A Geneva-based IT executive with over 25 years of senior and executive positions in financial, operation and growth in leading IT companies, including Motorola, Gemalto, PwC and STMicroelectronics.

  • Most recently, he was COO at Wisekey, a Geneva-based Swiss listed cybersecurity company with over €60M/yr revenue.




  • George provides legal consulting services and strategic advice to leading startups and firms in the IT sectors, from Berkeley, CA.

  • Among his principal clients are Bitstamp Ltd., the world’s first fully licensed and regulated European bitcoin exchange, GateHub Ltd., and Ripple Labs, where he served as the company’s founding general counsel.




  • International marketing executive with 18 years of experience. 

  • Since 2008, he is Global Business Director at Hogarth Worldwide - the World largest marketing production agency - where he co-lead campaigns for top global brands like Rolex, Apple, P&G, Novartis, HSBC, Philips, McDonald’s





Business Development Lead

  • Previously, M&A and startup investment analyst at Digital Capital Advisors, IEG investment Banking Group, BNP Paribas Corporate.

  • Master Graduate at Leipzig HHL Graduate School of Management. Independent crypto/blockchain analyst and investor since 2014. Former Judo professional athlete.




Blockchain Architecture Advisor

  • Currently, Senior Blockchain Architect at IBM in Berlin.

  • Full-stack developer and IT architect. Author of papers on blockchain security and governance, Hyperledger, and GDPR.

  • Co-lead development of Hyperledger-based blockchain for a leading German logistics company. Master in Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin.




Strategic Advisor

  • Founder/CEO of cybersecurity consulting startup.

  • Led Valley startups, large commercial organizations and defense contractors.

  • Formerly R&D lead at BAE System, Rockwell, 3Com. Active US DoD Secret clearance.


joshua weiss.png



  • Co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University and a senior fellow at the Harvard Negotiation Project.

  • Director and creator of the master of science degree in leadership and negotiation at Bay Path University.

  • Conducts research; consulting with many organizations including Microsoft, General Motors, and Christie’s Art Auction House.

  • Engages in negotiation and mediation at the organizational, corporate, government, and international levels.


pedro paiva.png



  • MSc Computer Engineering & Telecoms from EPFL and has a 1st year Executive MBA from IIMT.

  • Multi-lingual leader delivering results for 20+ years in fast moving multi-cultural environments, and uses thought leadership to bridge strategy, business and technology solutions & services, covering diverse areas like Enterprise Solutions, Data, Voice, Internet, Mobile, Cloud, and Internet of Things in several industries.

  • Effective communicator who is able to develop a strategic vision, organize and structure, implement pragmatic plans, in different functional areas like Product Management, Marketing, Innovation of Future Services, Business Development and Sales.


roman yampolskiy.png



  • AI Superintelligence Safety Expert and Professor, senior member of IEEE, Research Advisor for MIRI and Associate of GCRI, and tenured Associate Professor in the department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville.

  • Founding and current director of the Cyber Security Lab and an author of many books including “Artificial Superintelligence: a Futuristic Approach.”

  • Dr. Yampolskiy has been recognized as: Distinguished Teaching Professor, Professor of the Year, Faculty Favorite, Top 4 Faculty, Leader in Engineering Education, Top 10 of Online College Professor of the Year, and Outstanding Early Career in Education award winner among many other honors and distinctions.