computing as it was supposed to be

No matter what price an enterprise or individual is willing to pay, no device offers
protection of confidentiality & integrity of computing beyond mid to high level threats.

TRUSTLESS.AI is reconceptualizing cybersecurity by building CivicNet, a scalable and decentralized  platform client and server, hardware and software, built on top of a semi-permissioned blockchain network, CivicChain, certified by the non-profit Trustless Computing Certification Body through trustless cyber-social dynamics, offline and online, off-chain and on-chain.

Once operational, CivicNet and CivicChain services and devices will seamlessly complement mainstream desktop and mobile devices with a private sphere of communication delivering radically-unprecedented confidentiality and integrity for basic critical communications, transactions and negotiations of HNWI individuals, top enterprises and mission-critical NGOs; and then of all citizens.

CivicPod and CivicDock will be the first Trustless Computing-complaint devices,
but anyone will be able to build more using its open computing base:

civicpod & civicdock

CivicNet and CivicChain users will lease or buy Trustless Computing compliant clients and nodes to participate in a frictionless community to produce and consume cybersecurity. They will (A) consume cybersecurity by using CivicPods, independent 2mm-thin touchscreen WiFi computing devices that are attachable to the back of any smartphone via a case, or inserted into a dedicated leather wallet, and (B) produce cybersecurity by running CivicDocks docking stations, embedding ultra-secure blockchain and anonymization nodes, or by proposing technical or organizational security improvements, core software upgrades, apps and dApps. 

1. Messaging and text editing

Ultra-secure synchronous and asynchronous rich-text messaging and editing among CivicPods. Embeds feature of Notes, Journal, Password Manager, One-Time Password Generator, Discussion Group and Blog.

2. e-banking and cryptocurrency TRANSACTIONS

Ultra-secure e-banking transactions through partnering banks hosting an external CivicVPN box. Hardware wallet and client for bitcoin, ether, ERC20 tokens and TCCs.

3. collaborative TEXT editing

Ultra-secure seamless text co-editing to negotiate highly sensitive agreements, contracts, deliberations, deals, mergers, acquisitions. On-the-move, or at your desktop through the the CivicDock and foldable keyboard

Additional Features


Ultra-secure access to public blockchains, dApps and CivicChain dApps

Basic Enterprise Device Management and multiple Personas

600x800 e-Ink touchscreen display.

Wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth)

Physical (micro-HDMI and power-only micro-USB)

CivicWallet leather wallet, CivicCase foldable keyboard as add-ons


Runs a full CivicChain node for validation and mining CivicChain.

Runs an anonymization node for metadata confidentiality

micro-HDMI switch to connect CivicPod to user desktop screen for long-form text editing.


Power output via a micro USB to charge CivicPods




A decentralized network of software and hardware developers, service providers, devices, users and ethical security experts, producing and consuming radically-unprecedented cybersecurity in a trustless environment.

Every CivicNet component is Trustless Computing compliant, built on top of privacy-by-design and security-by-design principles.



A semi-permissioned blockchain offering unprecedented security of dApps by running exclusively on ultra-secure and ultra-authenticated CivicNodes, running exclusively on its native TCC Coins, Trustless Computing Coins. TCCs can be used to pay for all CivicNet services and third-party decentralized apps.

Also allows interaction with other public blockchains (bitcoin, ethereum).


Trustless computing

Trustless Computing is the long-awaited paradigm shift in achieving perceived and actual security and ultra-high assurance in hardware and software systems and services that form the backbone of our online (and offline) presence. The key principle in the Trustless Computing paradigm is to compute without the need or assumption of unverified trust in anything or anyone, except in the cumulative intrinsic resistance of all the technical components and organizational processes critically involved in the entire lifecycle of a product or a service.

Trustless Computing requires that all and every software, hardware and processes that are critically involved in the provisioning or lifecycle of a computing service – from high-level software-stack to CPU design to fabrication, to hosting room access – be subject to extreme verification relative to complexity, or to extremely resilient socio-technical oversight.



founders and advisors

TRUSTLESS.AI is a bootstrapping startup based in Luxembourg, Berlin and Rome. We spun off in 2016 from the non-profit research organization Open Media Cluster, recently renamed Trustless Computing Association. Since 2013, we have aggregated experts and partners with globally-rare open IT security expertise, along the entire supply chain.





TRUSTLESS.AI, the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series, and the community and R&D proposals of the Consortium, are just the tip of an iceberg, of an expanding community, of a movement.

Previously called Open Media Cluster, the Trustless Computing Association has spun-off TRUSTLESS.AI and for 4 years promoted those activities, aggregating a wide and varied set of partners and board of industry associations, tech leaders, world leading experts, nation state security agencies, nation state privacy agencies, and enterprises.

Following the enthusiastic interest by enterprises, financial institutions, consultancies, mission-critical NGOs, since October 2017, we have opened up a TCA Partnership Program to join us, starting from TCA partners and SnT partners, and several prospective clients actively involved in Luxembourg since Spring 2017.


Founding pilot Member

COST: €40,000 one-off fee, plus €5,000 annual fee

Receive option to redeem at any time a specific number of Trustless Computing Tokens, which can be used to lease 20 CivicPod and CivicDock pairs for 3 years, with free access to all applications and transaction services.

Participate in the iterations of the CivicPod, to ensure it best fits your need and constraints.

Join world-class members as Founding Pilot Member of of the Trustless Computing Consortium and of Partnership for Trustless Computing, signed with Univ. Luxembourg SnT; soon to be expanded to many of our Consortium members.

Be prominently mentioned as sponsor in all communication and global events, including Free and Safe in Cyberspace.

Possible limited exclusive reselling rights for specific geo-limited market segments (Banks only).

Associate pilot Member

COST: Free of charge.

Receive option to redeem at any time a specific number of Trustless Computing Tokens, which can be used to lease 10 CivicPod and CivicDock pairs for 3 years, with free access to all applications and transaction services. Plus a 50% for the same service for 30 additional pairs.

Participate in the iterations of the CivicPod, to ensure it best fits your need and constrains.

Join as Associate Pilot Member of being established Partnership for Trustless Computing, signed with Univ. Luxembourg SnT, soon to be expanded to many of our Consortium members.

Be listed in some communication and global events, including the Free and Safe in Cyberspace global event series.

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