for your Private Digital Life


A new computing platform built around a 2mm-thin personal computer that seamlessly brings radically-unprecedented privacy and security to your private digital life and e-banking, by eliminating the need to rely on unverified trust in anything or anyone.

Initially for corporations and private banks and their high net-worth clients and executives - carrying it in custom wallets and phone cases - our Seevik Pod will then be seamlessly embedded in the back of a 5mm-thin top-brand flagship smartphone, made with a partner, to bring digital civil freedoms to tens of millions.



The wealthiest 200.000 individuals hold more than $27 trillions in assets. Yet, except for very limited used cases for persons close to top nations -they can't buy any device that is more secure than an iPhone, regularly hacked even by simple researchers. Worst, most are fooled by security agencies overstatements on the security of messaging apps, which ultimately can’t be more secure as the device they run on.

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A crucial problem for many.

Cybersecurity is a problem for all, but a crucial for tens of millions of high net-worth individuals, wealth managers, executives, activists and politicians. By 2022, the cybersecurity market will be $260 billions, while cybercrime will hit $6 trillions, 80% due to endpoint insecurity. Most of it unreported or unnoticed by the victims.

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Source of the Problem.

Apparently, it is a problem of hyper-complexity, obscurity, and reliance on blind trust. But, as a society, we solved that for airlines and nuclear plants! The root cause is ultimately the necessity of nations to break all IT at birth to retain legitimate lawful access, and the consequent lack of a truly trustless and comprehensive IT security certification governance models and bodies.


An ultra-secure 2mm-thin touch-screen human computing device.

We provide private banks and their high net-worth individuals clients - and then tens of millions of privacy-sensitive persons - a stylish portable device that seamlessly delivers radically-unprecedented security and privacy to their most sensitive everyday computing; all the while solidly enabling legitimate lawful access.

We do so via unique levels of transparency and security-review of all critical IT life-cycle components and processes, as certified by a new uniquely independent and trustworthy Trustless Computing Certification Body.



Minimal features and UI enable a stylish, lean and fast user experience, while also facilitating security review.

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Messaging & Social

Ultra-private 1to1 and group messaging, networking and discussion groups, in Isolated professional or social spaces. Be part of the most exclusive and private online soicla network.

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Financial Transaction & Cryptocurrency

Ultra-secure client for e-banking with partner private banks, blockchains and cryptocurrency.

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Collaborative Text Editing

Ultra-secure seamless collaborative textediting to negotiate sensitive agreements and singed them in compliance to top e-signature standards.


Our add-ons provide seamless portability and optimal ergonomics.

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Custom Wallet

An ultra-secure digital wallet

Holds the SeeVik Pod, and up to 6 cards/ IDs and 15 cash bills. Optimized for ergonomics and durability. Hand-crafted leather woven into carbon fiber. RFID blocking.

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Add-on Smartphone Covers
Style, Ergonomics & Durability

Only 1mm thicker than average iPhone case. Optimized for typing ergonomics. Metal rings protect iPhone rear camera and Pod display. No interference with iPhone sensors. Hand-crafted leather woven into carbon fiber.




We re-conceptualize IT security as the by-product of governance processes. We achieve radically-unprecedented levels of trustworthiness by ensuring that any software, hardware and process that is critically-involved in the entire life cycle and supply-chain will uniquely be:

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Publicly inspectable in software and hardware source designs. All software at OS and lower levels will be free/open source licensed, and publicly developed.



Subject to extreme security-review relative to complexity by highly-proficient and “ethical” experts, down to the CPU, chip fabrication oversight, blockchain, anonymization.



Subject to highly resilient oversight, including offline citizen-witness for fabrication oversight, and citizen-jury for hosting room, to safeguard versus insiders and abuse of lawful access.



Certified by a new highly accountable and expert Trustless Computing Certification Body, being established by our non-profit arm, the Trustless Computing Association.

Product Video

Our super 2-minute product video!



A consolidated group of leaders in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity and hardware manufacturing. Supported by resilient supply-chain partnerships.




ThoughT Leadership
& Certification Body


Ultimately, 100% of the trustworthiness of our solution derives from its being the first IT device and service compliant to the new Trustless Computing Certification Body. TRUSTLESS.AI is just the tip of an iceberg, of an expanding community, of a movement, that we have been creating with the Trustless Computing Association.

Over the last 4 years, the Trustless Computing Association has beenpromoting new standards and open technologies with levels of trustworthiness that are radically beyond state-of-the-art. It has grown through unique partners and advisors into an active community of world leading experts, consultancies, the largest cyber industry associations, high-assurance open IT leaders, national state security and privacy agencies, and enterprises, around foundational R&D initiatives, a global Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series, held in Brussels, New York, Iguazu, Berlin and next Apirl 9-10th 2019 in Geneva, which will become it permanent home.

Trustless Computing is the long-awaited paradigm shift of IT security and privacy. The key principle of the Trustless Computing Paradigms is the removal of the need or assumption of unverified trust in anything or anyone, except in the user-assessable technical proficiency, ethical stance and accountability of the organizational processes critically-involved in the entire lifecycle of a given IT service or experience. "Not “trust but verify” but “trust or verify”.

Trustless Computing requires that all and every software, hardware and processes that are critically-involved in the provisioning or lifecycle of a computing service – from high-level software-stack to CPU design to fabrication, to hosting room access – be subject to extreme verification relative to complexity, or to extremely resilient socio-technical oversight. Some of our technical, supporting and governance partners:


EXCLUSIVE Go-to-market
partnership opportunity


By joining as Banking Go-to-market Partners, leading private banks acquire an option to be the first in their home country-market to offer their clients the Seevik Pod Service, with its levels of confidentiality in communications, and security of transactions that far exceed that of competitors. More in detail, they will:

Retain an option for a 12-month exclusivity for their home country, to offer the Pod Service at CHF 0.0X%/yr of AuM of activated client, and receive a Y% discount on all services for 24 months beyond that.

Participate in co-design to ensure perfect fit, compliance and integration.

Join as Founding Banking Partner of the Trustless Computing Association in its powerful public relations campaign promoting the Trustless Computing Certifications Body - a new-generation IT security standards in client-side banking and human communications for all - through various initiatives and the our global Free and Safe in Cyberspace conference series, and last held in Geneva in April.

Possibly, participate as corporate venture investor in the company.