Special Keynote at Stanford University: “Trustless Computing & The Future of Artificial Intelligence”

Wednesday, November 9th 2016, 5-6:30pm

Stanford University – Symbolic Systems Program
Margaret Jacks Hall, Greenberg Roo
Stanford, CA, 94305

Can radically-higher levels of assurance (i.e. trustworthiness) of deterministic IT systems – and related certification governance models – become a key factors to foster sustainable AI-driven economic development, as well as short- and long-term AI safety and value alignment? If so, how can we prevent malevolent use and ensure constitutional lawful access?

The Trustless Computing Initiative is a 2-years old global initiative by world-class partners and advisors, lead by the Open Media Cluster, for the creation, from existing open components, of a complete general-purpose ICT service platform, lifecycle, ecosystem and non-governmental certification body, that will radically exceed state-of-the-art in assurance of deterministic IT systems in area of human communications and AI digital assistants, while avoiding any significant added risks of malevolent abuse by criminals, or obstruction to constitutional and lawful cyber-investigations.

We’ve been asked by Todd Davies, Associate Director of Stanford University – Symbolic Systems Program (SSP) – the largest department at Stanford University dealing with AI, with over 90 professors and hundreds of students – to host a 1.5 hours presentation and discussion on our revolutionary Trustless Computing Initiative, its spin-off TRUSTLESS.AI, and their contribution to the economic and societal sustainability of critical AI systems.

The Initiative ultimate and sole goal is to substantially contribute to short- and long-term artificial intelligence safety, accountability and human values alignment.


  • RUFO GUERRESCHI, Exec. Dir. of the non-profit Trustless Computing Initiative, and CEO of the spin-off startup Trustless.ai. Since 2013, as Exec. Dir. of the Open Media Cluster, Rufo has conceived and lead the Trustless Computing Initiative, Consortium and Manifesto, aggregating global partners and advisors with globally-rare or unique expertises, and open IP assets, in high or ultra-high assurance IT, spanning the entire IT lifecycle. Since 2015, he conceived, launched and coordinated the Free and Safe in Cyberspace event series (Brussels, Brazil, New York, Rome), which has attracted the leading EU and US experts and governmental institution to build consensus on new standards for ultra-high assurance IT in critical sub-domains. Since May 2016, together with key advisors and partners of the Consortium have created the spin-off startup TRUSTLESS.AI as the main strategy to reach the goals of the Initiative.


  • TODD DAVIES, Associate Director of the Symbolic Systems Program at Stanford University. Todd teaches and does research on deliberation, collaboration technologies, social decisions, information policy, and collective behavior.

  • ANDREW CRITCH, Senior Fellow at MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute), one of the leading long-term AI R&D center in the World. Andrew earned hisPhDin mathematics at UC Berkeley studying applications of algebraic geometry to machine learning models. He co-founded the Center for Applied Rationality and SPARC. He left a position as an algorithmic stock trader at Jane Street Capital to join MIRI in September 2015. His current research interests include logical uncertainty, open source game theory, and avoiding arms race dynamics between nations and companies in AI development.