Gerhard Knecht joins as advisor

We are honored and excited to welcome Gerhard Knecht as an advisor of TRUSTLESS.AI. Gerhard is an IT security expert and executive, who recently retired after over 30 years of experience in globally leading IT firms.

For 12 years he was the Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Information Security Services for UNYSIS Services, an household name among IT consultancy and service providers, with 20.000 staff globally and $3bn yearly revenue. Gerhard also has an illustrious career in Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, as Global Head of IT Audit at UNISYS.

Gerhard was the driver of UNISYS positioning as a provider of IT security solutions and services around novel risk management and centered on their "Zero Trust" approach. Unisys promotes the use of identity-driven micro-segmentation to isolate critical data; to enable CIOs to identify, validate and secure trusted users, devices and data flows - following the approach “never trust, always verify”.

Such concept is very similar in approach to our Trustless Computing Paradigms of the Trustless Computing Association, our non-profit arm.

We look forward to work with Gerhard to bring security-by-design principles to their ultimate realization by removing the need of assumption of unverified trust, all the way down to CPU design, fabrication oversight and even standard setting governance.