Special Keynote at the European Defence Agency to 22 EU Ministries of Defense

On June 2nd 2015, our Exec. Dir. Rufo Guerreschi held a 40 minutes keynote speech and R&D proposal to 22 representatives of EU Ministries of Defense at European Defense Agency annual Cap Tech Meeting.

We presented the huge dual-use potential of the UVST project, and the binding MOU among its core core technical participants, which – as opposed to an ongoing similar but closed R&D project for a “EU trusted compting platform”  like EDA SoC – ensure bindingly, and sustainably in time, the radical openness of the resulting platform, as far as both complete verifiability of critical componetns, as well as low and crystal clear overall IP royalties.

The radical openness of the platform and ecosystem would overall reduce the chance for malevolent use by criminal entities, as it would deploy unique socio-techncial standards – such as those we’ll discuss at our upcoming Free and Safe in Cyberspace event in Brussels on Sept 24-25th  – which ensure at once unprecedented levels of user privacy, and effective lawful access and interdiction. In fact, an MOU among participants makes it binding that the resulting post-R&D consortium and the resulting standard body, CivicAuthority, to respectively offer and certify only TRUSTLESS Hybrid P2P Service mode, as opposed to Pure P2P, which include a CivicRoom processes open to lawful access requests.

We proposed that 2 or more EU Ministries of Defense, and possibly national defense IT contractors, join OMC and selected partners of the User Verified Social Telematics project, to submit by October 2015 a 2-300K€ proposal to EDA-funded R&T Studies for a feasibility assessment of a 15-20M€ dual-use R&D proposals to be submitted in 2016 or 2017 as a EDA Category B project, in coordination with H2020 and/or ECSEL funding programs.

A 10-pager draft of the proposal is available on qualified request.